Tree Removal

Safe and Effective Tree Removal

Removing a tree from a property can be extremely hazardous, and is a process that must be approached with technical expertise. We have been providing tree care services for years and have done hundreds of tree removals in Morganton, NC. Every time that a tree needs to be removed it is essential that the site is inspected to determine all of the elements that will be required, particularly in those situations where the tree in question is located close to a house, power lines or other utility outlets or high traffic areas. We pride ourselves on our safety record and the satisfaction that our clients have expressed and will provide you and your property with the same level of care and quality.

Professional Tree Removal Services

Taking a tree down safely requires a high level of knowledge and experience, and we have both. We are extremely detail oriented in our approach to tree removal, and you will see that from the very first call that you make to Rocky Top Tree Service . We will set you up with a convenient appointment time for us to come out and assess your needs, plan the safest and most effective method of removing your tree, and explain the entire process. We'll ensure that no damage is done to your landscaping and that we exercise extreme care with your home, and once the job is completed we will make sure that your property is cleared of any resulting debris.

Call Today For Your Tree Removal Needs!

Whether your job is large or small, it is important that you have your tree removal done by professionals who can do the job the right way. Call us today and let us make sure that your job is done safely and well.